+ How Long Is My Appointment?

Appointments are allotted one-and-a-half hours with a personal consultant and can generally extend an additional thirty minutes if needed. In order to give yourself the best experience possible, try to limit your shopping companions to the one or two persons whose opinions mean the most. It is not rare for a bride to find the gown of her dreams during her first visit to the boutique, it happens more often than not!

+ How Much Should I Expect To Spend?

Our prices begin at $2,500 for special order gowns and $1,500 for off-the-rack selections. A fifty-percent deposit is required to place your order, and the balance is due upon dress arrival. Alterations, by one of our expert seamstresses, are additional.

+ What Is The Timeframe In Ordering A Gown?

The timeframe to order a wedding gown is usually 12 to 18 weeks for delivery, and the fittings process is usually 8 to 12 weeks. Most brides order 6 to 9 months is advance, and some brides are anxious to begin the process as soon as a year in advance. If you are in a rush, do not worry... we have accommodated brides in less than two weeks!!!

We look forward to making your wedding gown dream a reality.

+ Who Performs The Alterations?

Alterations are performed by our talented alterations’ department to give each bride a couture fit. With over 100 years of combined experience from our seamstresses, Alexia’s ensures a proper fit and desired custom changes for each of our brides. Alterations are a step by step process, and we will guide you from start to finish. Initial professional pressing is complimentary.

+ Do You Offer Dress Delivery Services?

Complimentary gown delivery is offered within the Triangle. Reservations are on a first come first serve basis, and we do our best to accommodate all brides desiring this service.

+ What Additional Services Do You Offer?

For an additional cost, an Alexia’s team member will help our bride dress, style, and look picture perfect on her wedding day. Please inquire about this service well in advance; limited slots are available per week.

+ Do You Clean And Preserve Wedding Dresses?

Cleaning and preservation is recommended as soon as possible after enjoying your gown on the wedding day. We trust J. Scheer & Co. for this important job.

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