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Ines Di Santo Trunk Show

Alexia's is excited to be hosting an Ines Di Santo bridal trunk show on February 10th & 11th featuring the Fall/Winter 2017 couture collection as well as the new Ines line.

Below is a preview with some of our favorites from the couture collection.  Di Santo showcased many gowns with tulle, delicate lace and intricate embroideries while also incorporating soft blues and pale pinks.  The result is a collection that is elegant, yet still light and airy.

Call our salon at 919.829.5900 or feel free to click here to schedule your personalized appointment.  Special incentives will be offered for all custom order gowns purchased during the event!

Ines Di Santo Bijou Front

Ines Di Santo Eloise Front

Ines Di Santo Mimi Front

Ines Di Santo Yvette Front

Ines Di Santo Coco Front

Ines Di Santo Giselle Front

Ines Di Santo Souffle Front
Ines Di Santo Bijou Back

Ines Di Santo Eloise Back

Ines Di Santo Mimi Back

Ines Di Santo Yvette Back

Ines Di Santo Coco Back

Ines Di Santo Giselle Back

Ines Di Santo Souffle Back