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Kasey and Jefferson's Intimate Wedding

Alexia's Bridal Boutique Blog 1

Kasey and her fiancé, Jefferson first met one another years ago while living in Pinehurst, NC.  They since had relocated to Raleigh and Greensboro respectively.  They reconnected by chance and quickly became close friends.  While at one of our favorite Raleigh restaurants, Second Empire, Jefferson popped the big question and they became engaged!

Kasey and Jefferson celebrated their wedding in an intimate ceremony at the Proximity Hotel in Greensboro.  Kasey’s gown was a beautiful embroidered sheath style by Theia Couture.

Below are some stunning images from the couple’s wedding day!

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Alexia's Bridal Boutique Image 3
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Bridal Gown: Theia Couture

Wedding Venue: Proximity Hotel

Photography: Human Graphics Photography

Florist: Blossoms Florist