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Liz Milner's Bridal Story: Creating The Perfect Ensemble

Every bride has a unique journey as she ventures from saying “Yes!” to the proposal to “I Do!” at her ceremony. A large part of this journey is finding her dream-wedding gown.

We had the pleasure of meeting Liz Milner when she came to Alexia’s in search of her perfect wedding dress. She was extremely sweet and excited, and even came into her appointment thinking she knew exactly which gown she wanted. Upon trying on that gown she immediately realized that it did not feel like “The One.”

Rather than feeling lost and defeated, Liz and her Alexia’s bridal consultant worked together with a positive mindset to explore other options that fit her vision. It is true that many brides put on a dress and immediately know it is their dream gown, but it is also common for a bride to need some help adding romantic details to the gown in order for it to feel perfect and unique to her aesthetic.  When Liz tried on the sixth gown, Valentina by Kenneth Pool, she adored it but was not immediately certain that this was it. After trying four more and coming back to this gown, her consultant adorned her in jewelry, shoes, a belt, and veil to complete the overall look and vision, and when Liz saw herself in the entire ensemble she immediately fell in love.  This was her dream gown.

It is truly amazing seeing a bride for the first time ever wearing what she will be wearing as she walks down the aisle to the man of her dreams, in this case Jamie McBain.

Jamie is a professional hockey player who was playing for The Hurricanes here in North Carolina when he and Liz met at a restaurant one evening after one of his games. The day they closed on their first home together was the day he asked for Liz’s hand in marriage.  She arrived at the house to find rose petals beautifully scattered along the front path leading up to stunning floral arrangements covering the porch… the work of a professional florist. Her family was there watching happily as Jamie got down on one knee, said her full name, and asked her to marry him. You can guess her answer!

Liz put on her dream gown and prepared to say “I Do” on July 5, 2014. Her Kenneth Pool gown was embellished with a Vera Wang sash (complete with a large bow on the back for a touch of Southern charm) and she wore a stunning Monique Lhuillier veil to complete her bridal ensemble. She walked down the aisle of the Duke University Chapel to the same song her mother did when getting married at that very chapel, and to further honor family tradition she carried her great grandmother’s handkerchief.  The beautiful ceremony was followed by a joyful reception at Prestonwood Country Club. Liz told us she felt like a complete princess, and that she truly felt gorgeous in her gown throughout the entire day.

We are so happy that Liz had an amazing experience shopping for her dream gown and that she felt as beautiful as she looked on her wedding day! This beautiful bride is one we will never forget, and we wish her and Jamie nothing but bliss as they continue their journey together as one!

Below are some of the beautiful photos of the McBain wedding, taken by Jamie and Richie Staggs of Jagg Photography. For Liz and Jamie’s entire gallery click here.