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Steph Diggs: Edgy Champagne brunch

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Stephanie first met her husband, Daniel, seven years ago. The two both work in the music and creative industry in Nashville focusing on photography, video, and film production. Stephanie has been playing the violin since she was six and loves the symphony, so it was only fitting that Daniel proposed to her under the downtown Nashville skyline prior to a Dvořák performance by the Nashville Symphony.

Since Stephanie lived in Nashville, she always thought that she would find her gown at one of the local boutiques, because her photography work had provided her the opportunity to shoot many weddings in the area. She first learned of Alexia's when she came across their Instagram page and had been following the boutique for some time. Stephanie decided to visit her Mom, who lives in the Triangle area, to inform her of the exciting engagement news. At the last minute, Stephanie decided to setup an appointment at Alexia's so that she could include her Mom in her gown shopping experience.

The bohemian, flowy style of wedding gowns is very popular in Nashville, so Stephanie originally started by trying on gown after gown in this theme. Her Mom, however, was not in complete agreement and thought the dresses just didn't suit Stephanie and her wedding. Stephanie's consultant worked hard to find a balance and realized that she was a “romantic, edgy” bride who needed something that balanced her personality, but was not too formal.

The “Tompkins Square” gown by Lela Rose was then selected for Stephanie, and she instantly realized it was “the one”. The dress is a fitted trumpet gown with an open illussion lace neckline and back. The look was complimented by a simple veil by Vera Wang that did not distract from the unqiue detail of the gown.

Stephanie and Daniel had an amazing champagne brunch wedding in the Spring with all of their loved friends and family; and at the end of their wedding, they drove off on Daniel's motorcycle!

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